Grass Roots

By refugelawn, on 04/13/2022

Transforming our urban and suburban surroundings to better accommodate pollinating insects starts at the grass-roots level (no pun intended). I had the pleasure of hearing Dr. Doug Tallamy speak recently. His principle objectives for landscapes are to: Support the food web Sequester carbon Manage the watershed Support pollinators Doug’s books give credence to the notion […]

Ecosystem Services

By refugelawn, on 05/12/2021

Human activities remove and fragment the natural habitat of insect pollinators. This lack of biodiversity is a leading contributor to declining pollinator populations.

Human Impact

By refugelawn, on 05/12/2021

The way we build and perceive our environment is both rooted in culture and influenced by environment. You need not travel far to see how homes..


By refugelawn, on 05/13/2021

The humid, sub-tropical climate of the southeastern US provides conditions for an abundance of late-winter and early-spring flowering forbs that are capable of nurturing hungry insects.