Meet Our Team – Julie Wang

By refugelawn, on 11/11/2021

Hi! I am Julie and I am an ecologist with international experience. I conducted research in Canada and Taiwan prior to this exciting Pollinator-Friendly Lawns project. Growing up in the city, I mostly enjoy nature in urban green spaces. Intrigued by how urban green spaces contribute to ecosystem services, I studied the use of native plant species to improve green roof functioning during my Master’s. Currently, under the supervision of Dr. Gerald Henry from the Department of Crop and Soil Sciences at the University of Georgia, I intend to pursue my Ph.D. to better understand the community ecology of managed ecosystems and improve ecosystem services they provide. Turfgrass has been a hallmark of North American green spaces; however, little is known about weeds that proliferate in them and their contribution to pollinator forage. As a graduate research assistant, I will be studying the influence of turfgrass management on weed intensity, flowering, and its respective pollinator community. Furthermore, an anthropological aspect that aims at understanding people’s perceptions on the use of native weeds as pollinator habitats will be incorporated. My research goal is to enhance turfgrass ecosystems to support the biodiversity of native pollinators.